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  • Ode to Joy

    I  remember magic

    I remember twinkling lights in the dark

    I remember peace and joy

    I remember the greenery with big red bows smelling of pine and cinnamon

  • Smudge for Better Sleep: 5 Steps You Can Take

    We all know the feeling of getting a terrible night's sleep, did you know that there are some energetic housekeeping's you can do to help! Not slee...
  • Scary Tales: The Dark Hansel and Gretel

    The original Grimm fairy tales had an air of the horrific and scary and this story has woven in shadow work and wound work into a revisioned tale of Hansel and Gretel.  "A hideous looking old woman with straggly thin wild white hair, sagging skin, frail and thin, whose appendages appeared when examined up closely to be made of willow limbs and she glowed the most unholy of greens.  Her strangely familiar golden colored eyes stared back at them until she finally said, 'do you like poison my sweet child?  Do come in and I will pour you some, but I can’t promise that you will live.”